405nm,445nm,808nm,1064nm Laser Protection Safety Goggles 200-450nm,740-2000nm (Blue, Violet, Infra-Red)


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18650 battery powered lasers and laser safety glasses.

Protect your eyes from dangerous Infra Red, or excessive blue / violet laser light radiation.
MUST-Have protection / safety googles for every IR or Blue - Violet high power Laser owner.

Protective Wavelength range :200-450nm, 800-2000nm (Infra-Red).

Most laser pointers (modules) are working at following wavelengths:

405nm, 445nm (Violet, Blue high power lasers)  

808nm,780nm, 980nm,1064nm(IR - Infra Red)

Optical density:  OD 4+


Durable hard protective case , and microfiber cleaning cloth are included with these must-have googles.

Safety first, when operating with lasers !

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