Laser Pointers Green 532nm, Blue-Violet 405nm, Red 650nm

Powerful laser pointers green, red, or blue. Lithium-ion rechargeable Battery, and charger is included with each order.
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ORB2 Military Tactical Green Handheld Laser Pointer 532nm

High Power - High Precision Green Laser Pointer. Military Grade laser Diode...

Omicron High Precision APC Green Laser Pointer 532nm Black

The Omicron APC lasers generate wicked green visible beam - APC technology...

ORB1 High Focus Tactical Military Green Laser Pointer

Next Generation of Laser Pointers. You are looking at the best Green Laser...

IR Infra Red Filter for High Power 532nm Green Laser Pointer Module

Infra-Red filter. Will block invisible, but dangerous IR radiation coming...