ORB1 High Focus Tactical Military Green Laser Pointer

  • ORB1 High Focus Tactical Military Green Laser Pointer
  • ORB1 High Focus Tactical Military Green Laser Pointer
  • ORB1 High Focus Tactical Military Green Laser Pointer
  • ORB1 High Focus Tactical Military Green Laser Pointer

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ORB2 is the newest upgraded version of ORB1. Please go to ORB2 page to see more details.


We are proud to say that US military is using ORB1 532nm green laser pointer with great success.

Our uniquely designed laser pointer is very compact, but you will really be stunned how rock-solid this device is.

It can be charged very fast (fast charger and high capacity Li-ion batteries included)

This is one of the only laser pointers on the market to have a constant ON/OFF switch. No more rigging the button with a rubber band or an o-ring, just hit the ON/OFF button and it will shine a beautiful green laser beam until you decide to turn it off! It runs for up to 2 hours on one CR123 battery. This pointer is compact enough to carry with you everywhere you go.

Included: Protective beautifully designed box (see picture), Rapid charger (with car adapter), Two high capacity rechargeable Li-ion CR123 batteries, User Guide.

  •     Lens is made of glass (not plastic).
  •     Constant ON/OFF switch. Once pressed it stays in ON position. Very useful.
  •     Easy to maintain - It can be assembled and reassembled in just 15 seconds.
  •     Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum body makes it pocket friendly and easy to    carry with you anywhere.
  •     High quality /extreme design/ protective case / gift box is included as well.
  •     Rapid charger and two high capacity CR123 Li-ion rechargeable batteries (included) will save your money (you do not have to buy expensive CR123  batteries  ever). Of course, you can use these batteries (and charger) for any other device in your household that uses CR123 batteries.
  •     Car charger adapter (included) comes in very handy when you are away from your home or office.
  •    Class III-a laser.

As opposed to pulse output our SUPER BRIGHT GREEN LASER Pointer have constant wave output, which means that you not only see a DOT (as seen in red and 95% green lasers) but also an actual clearly visible green BEAM projecting to your visual target at night.

You can truly reach the stars with the top range of over 12,000 ft. For people who are into Astronomy, pointing out constellations and stars in the night sky at 532 nm wavelength is priceless with our palm-size lasers.
Hunters, Campers, Construction Engineers, Astronomers, and of course our military are already using this 532nm Green Laser Pointer with great success.

Only ONE high capacity Lithium-ion CR123 battery is used to power up this powerful extremely well built ORB1 Orbtronic laser (Two high capacity rechargeable batteries and charger are included).

We highly recommend use of Orbtronic green laser protection safety glasses.

You do not want to miss this professionally serious and very useful tool. To emphasize its life-saving properties we must mention that ORB1-Orbtronic Tactical Military Green Laser Pointer long range projecting function helps rescuers search for and find you, your loved ones, and pets even on 5 miles distance. Its use is only limited to imagination; however, read below for some precautionary measures.

This is NOT a toy !


These handheld lasers if used improperly may cause eye or personal damage. Several safety measures must be acknowledged before using these laser pointers, such as:

  •      Do not open/modify this product to gain more power.(That will void your warranty as well)
  •      Do not turn off the street light with this laser it is dangerous.
  •      Never look straight into the beam (aperture).
  •      It is a felony and a crime to aim the laser to a moving airplane, automobile or another person.
  •      Keep the laser out and away from the reach of children.
  •      Never use the laser while driving in a car or on an unstable surface.
  •      Stay away from the purchase of non-tested high powered green laser pointers.

The client is a 100% responsible for the safety and proper usage of these products. The seller assumes zero responsibility. After the handheld laser is purchased and shipped to the buyer, the seller assumes zero responsibility for the misuse and irresponsible usage of these lasers and to individuals that have been harmed as a result of mishandling the tool. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not buy.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this laser pointer.

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