18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights

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Manufacturer: Panasonic-Orbtronic
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18650 3400mAh protected Panasonic Orbtronic

High performance 3400mAh Orbtronic (Panasonic inside) PROTECTED 18650 Li-ion 3.7V rechargeable battery cell.

Unlike other protected 18650 batteries that will cut off all power at only 4 Amps, Orbtronic protected 18650 batteries will provide power at currents much higher than 4 Amps, and let you use your high power flashlight without any interruption.

PROTECTED 3400mAh Panasonic 18650 li-ion 3.7V battery by Orbtronic - Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh cell is used to build these powerful li-ion batteries.

Protection: Over-current (Activated @ 10A-12A), Over-charge (Activated @ 4.35V) - Over-discharge (Activated @ 2.5V) - Over-temp. and DUAL short circuit protection (External, and Internal).Protection circuit designed by Seiko. ICs made in Japan.

Best battery for High-Power flashlight users, or for anyone who is looking for the longest run time possible. This is one of the largest REAL capacity cells available on US market.

Very safe to operate, Orbtronic 18650 Li-ion protected battery will automatically disconnect itself from el. circuit in case of: Short circuit - Extreme temperature, Abnormally high current , Over-voltage - Over-charge, Over discharge.

Battery cell: Panasonic NCR18650B, Capacity (Ah): 3.4 Ah (3400mAh), Charging Voltage (V): 4.2 V, Energy (Wh): 12.2 Wh, Energy Density (Wh/L): 730 Wh/L, Nominal Voltage (V): 3.6V - 3.7V, Weight (g): 46 g, Diameter (mm): 18.6 mm (+/- 0.03), Length (mm): 68.9 mm (+/- 0.03) -- Top Button (Positive) made of Nickel (Ni) - Negative made of Copper (Cu) for an ideal conductivity, and durability.

Don't Be Left in the Dark!

Button top.

Full Dual Protection.


  • Capacity (Ah): 3.4 Ah (3400mAh)

  • Energy (Wh): 12.2 Wh

  • Energy Density (Wh/L): 730 Wh/L

  • Nominal Voltage (V): 3.6V - 3.7V

  • Charging Voltage (V): 4.2 V

  • Weight (g): 46 g /1.62 oz

  • Diameter (mm): 18.6 mm (+/- 0.03)

  • Height (mm): 68.9 mm (+/- 0.03)

  • Max. Discharge rate: 2C (6.8A)

  • Pulse current (5-6 sec.): 10A

  • Chemical Composition: Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) Hybrid

  • Cell model: Panasonic NCR18650B

  • Protection ICs: Made in Japan (Design by Seiko)

  • Bare Cell: Made by Panasonic, Made in Japan

  • Button Top: Yes

  • External |welded PCB | Protection: Yes


  • Over-charge (Activated @ 4.33V)

  • Over-discharge (Activated @ 2.5V)

  • Over-current (Activated @ 10A-12A)

  • Overheating, and dual short circuit protection (External, and Internal).

Important - Electronic cigarette owners: Protected 18650 battery cells are larger (in diameter, and length) and are not suitable for e-cig mods.

Powerful high drain 18650 battery cells (without external [PCB] electronic protection) made for e-cig mods are available on, and you are welcome to place your order.

Best 18650 battery for regulated e-cig mods (e.g. Provari):

Button top high drain battery: PD2900 Orbtronic 2900mAh

Recommended 18650 battery for mechanical e-cig mods (for very high current load):

Button top Ultra High drain battery: SX22 18650 2000mAh


  • Never use force to install (insert) li-ion battery.

  • Charge fully before first use.

  • Use only high quality Li-ion battery CC/CV chargers.

  • Do not expose to heat.

  • Never charge battery over 4.25V (another reason to use good Li-ion battery charger).

  • Do not charge unattended.

  • Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged (for an extended period of time-one month and more).

  • After battery is discharged - don't leave it discharged > charge it as soon as possible.

  • Store in cold and dry place at approximately 3.6V-3.7V (Panasonic recommended storage charge).

  • Never try to charge li-ion batteries with batt. chargers that are not made for Li-ion batteries.

  • Do not try to open, or modify this battery.

  • Do not drop on hard surface (there are sensitive SMD components inside this battery).


If you are still new to the Li-ion battery world, and wondering: What does "18650" printed on Li-ion battery stands for ?

All Batteries Are Sold Individually Unless Stated Otherwise. We sell only GRADE A cells (highest quality, and dependability by all manufacturing standards).

What is in the box:

Orbtronic 18650 Protected Li-ion rechargeable battery cell (Panasonic NCR18650B inside).

Protective Orbtronic battery container - holder.

Price is for one Orbtronic 3400mAh 18650 Li-ion Dual Protected battery cell.

We ship very fast from Florida - USA.

Questions?  Contact us

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by EWJ685
Wider and More intensed beam
Battery: Orbtronic 3400mAh
Flashlights: ebay (CreeeXML-T6), Nitecore EC20

I purchased 2 CreeXML-T6 flashlights from eBaby that came 18650 Ultrafire 3800mAh batteries, that worked ok and were bright.
After swapping in the Orbtronic 18650 now I know what bright really is. The light beam coverage is wider and more intense.
The Orbtronic batteries are physically wider and longer than the Ultrafire but they fit without issue in my lights.
Flashlight #1 (inner diameter = 19.06mm)
Flashlight #2 (inner diameter = 18.91mm)
Flashlight #3 Nitecore EC20 (inner diameter = 18.92mm)

BTW, the Nitecore EC20 with the Orbtronic trumps my no name brand lights, and it's half the size.

I also purchased Orbronic 14500 batteries, please other review.
Reviewed by jaearp0311
More than awesome cells!
I purchased these Orbtronic 3400mAh cells for use in my Fenix TK75 about a month ago and I would recommend anyone with a serious flashlight to purchase them! High drain is no issue with these cells. They run forever it seems. Coupled with a good charger they will not disappoint you! They have drastically improved my runtime over all other cells I have used. Protection cells in these batteries are also top notch! thanks for the wonderful product!
Reviewed by lawallac
lawallac bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Orbtronic 3400 Protected
Received 4 of these guys in just 3 days halfway across the country. They arrived at 3.6V and charged them up the medium setting 1A using the Xtar SP2 that also came in this order. My cheap meter reads 4.17 which is perfect for all the batteries. I have quite a few lights and almost all run at high current levels. Most of these lights are NiMH, but if I am going to buy Li-ION, I'm going to get top quality stuff and these use the best high capacity protected cells. These cells come individually wrapped and in a fitted foam box along with a Orbtronics battery case. Best shipping presentation I've seen.
Reviewed by plamya
These things last forever
I ordered these two months ago (charged them immediately of course) and haven't had to change them out yet. I use my NiteCore SRT7 very regularly so I am pleasantly surprised at this. Well worth the money paid. thanks Orbtronic, I will be a return customer!
Reviewed by ehmrimprov
The BEST and ONLY battery and company I will EVER USE
I am a retired and disabled veteran whom can't seem to stop trying to find the most brightest and intense flashlight and currently have Thrunite TN12 and a Ultrafire XML-U2, IPX7 modified lights...all i can afford. I was using various cheap Chinese 18650 2400mah batteries. But as most of us know, these batteries usually have misleading and over rated MaH ratings. Thus my lights never seemed exceptional until I received my Orbtronic 18650 3400mah batteries and words can not describe the massive difference in beam intensity..beam range and operating time. I only use the brightest focused beam lights that i can afford AND fit on my belt/pouch so having the BEST MADE battery on smaller 5-6" lights is very important. I ordered my 2 batteries from Sal at Orbtronics an i received my batteries in 2.5 days due to my shipping preference. Sal has to be the MOST GENUINELY CARING businessman i have ever met in my life. I asked him a ton of questions and busy or not, he never made me feel like a bother an answered all my questions. I have told every friend i know around the country about Sal, Orbtronics and my batteries along with his other inventory. He will be my only "Go-To" battery supplier till i die. These 2 lights i have are all i will be able to have for a long time so these batteries will keep them shining bright, strong and long forever. Thank you Sal and Orbtronics
Reviewed by itzm3sk
itzm3sk bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Great Battery! Fast Shipping! Good Packaging!
im gonna make this short as possible. buy it from Orbtronic and you know its the REAL DEAL! No kidding folks! No Fake! Just Great Batteries. I will Definitely come back for more in the future! Thank Orbtronic!

Reviewed by itzm3sk
itzm3sk bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Great Battery! Fast Shipping! Good Packaging!
im gonna make this short as possible. buy it from Orbtronic and you know its the REAL DEAL! No kidding folks! No Fake! Just Great Batteries. I will Definitely come back for more in the future! Thank Orbtronic!

Reviewed by bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Orbtronic Protected 3400mAh
Orbtronic protected 3400mAh are the absolute best. I've never had batterys lasted so long in my flashlight. What makes this purchase so great is their customer support and great price. Shipping is fast. I highly recommend Orbtronic and their battery, you will be satisfied.
Reviewed by rdljr1
rdljr1 bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Fantastic battery
These are some impressive batteries at a great price. Off the charger the voltages have been consistently at 4.2. I've been running them in my Niteye Eye40, Jetbeam Raptor RRT 3 XML, and Nitecore TM 11 and 15. Run times have been impressive! Best I've had to date. I compare these in quality to the AW's with the increased run time at the 3400mah. Fit is a bit snug widthwise in the Niteye and Jetbeam but not a problem. At the price they sell them, with fast free shipping and great customer service (thank you Uma!) there really is no better option. Highly recommended battery and company!
Reviewed by mattehrlich
mattehrlich bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Orbtronic 3400 & Customer Service
I am reviewing the Orbtronic 3400 battery. I purchased six of these batteries for use in my Nitecore TM26. These batteries last considerably longer than the 2600 batteries that I had been using. They do take a long time to charge, however the additional battery life is well worth it. I also must give a big thank you to sell. His customer service was amazing, and I am a self-admitted pain in the butt customer. I started emailing Sal on a Sunday, and he wrote back numerous times answering all of my redundant questions. I placed my order Monday, and received my batteries on Wednesday. A great product, lightning fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Thank you Sal
Reviewed by Timbo114
Timbo114 bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Orbtronic Protected 3400
This is my 2nd purchase of the Orbtronic Protected 3400 Panasonic cell.
I've had great experience running these cells in single & multiple configurations with several of my Malkoff and Nailbender high output LED drop in units.
These cells fit perfectly in my bored 6P bodies, Malkoff MD2 & MD4, JetBeam BC40, Solarforce L2, L2P, L2T, L2N.

Run times are impressive indeed.
Charge voltage has been very consistent.

These are proven high quality cells, as tested by flashaholics @CPF and Budgetlightforum - the new 3400mAh = approx 10% longer runtime that the 3100mAh version :-)
Reviewed by jgravante
jgravante bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Outstanding Customer Service, Great Value!
Just purchased a Thrunite TN 30 Flashlight which required three 18650s. Initially ordered UltraFires from an Amazon supplier - one cell was dead on arrival and would not charge; the others appeared not to hold a full charge (Flashlight was noticeably brighter with another brand of 18650s I had on hand). Contacted Obrtronics via E-mail link on their website on a Saturday to inquire about the 3400 MAH 18650s and was shocked to actually get a reply from Sal within 15 minutes. He answered all of my questions over several E-mail exchanges, and shipped them that day upon receipt of my order. He even shipped them priority USPS at no additional charge even though I opted for standard delivery.

The batteries arrived a few days later, along with a XTAR SP2 Rapid Charger which I also ordered, and I was not disappointed. My TN 30 was significantly brighter and the charger worked as promised. I have on several occasions in the past received defective batteries, chargers, etc from cheap internet suppliers based outside of the US. I will exclusively trade with Orbtronics whenever possible in the future since they are US based, offer great value and outstanding customer service.
Reviewed by SmallBlock
Superior Battery's!
I've tried a lot of 18650 brands and my first was UltraFire. I thought it was the best battery out there until I ran across Orbtronic! These battery's last 3 times longer than Ultrafire of the same mAh. I also have tried "AW" you know, the battery everybody thinks is the best! I'll tell you from experience and spending a lot of money, "AWs" ARE NOT THE BEST BATTERY! I purchased 2 AW 3400mAh cells and fully charged them on my Intellicharger along with 2 Orbtronic 3400mAh cells. I installed the 2 AWs in my Olight M3X Triton and turned it on to turbo mode and let it sit! Installed the Orbtronic cells in my other Olight M3X Triton and ran it on Turbo. I went to do other things around the house and forgot about the lights.Walked back in the room an hour and 40 minutes later and the AW light was out and the Orbtronic light was still going! Hot as hell but she was still chunking a bright beam. AW brand is all hype! Yeah their ok but they sure ain't the best!!! I've been using high power flashlights for over 7 years and I can tell you from experience that Orbtronic 18650 battery's are the absolute best on the market. My second choice is "Redilast" they are very close to Orbtronic as far as runtime and reliability.
Reviewed by dodger
dodger bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Great products, service and shipping!
I have made three purchases from the Orbtronic web site with outstanding results! Sal in customer service has been very helpful with all my questions and concerns at all hours of the day and night!

Your Orbtronic 3400mAh 18650 batteries are top notch as are the Orbtronic 14500 batteries I have purchased there. I have a dozen lights and almost all of them have the Orbtronic batteries.

I also purchased the XTAR-SP2 Li-ion battery charger from Orbtronic and couldn't be more satisfied with this product. I use it to charge my 14500, 16340 (RCR123) and 18650 batteries at .5A, 1A or 2Amps, by my choice, at the push of a button. If I'm in a hurry and have no spare battery, I charge at the higher recommended rate. But if I have time, I charge at the lower .5A rate which prolongs the usable life of the battery.

I also like the fact that I can charge 1 or 2 batteries at a time since each channel is independent which also allows me to charge two unequally discharged batteries at the same time.

This charger also handles the "fatter" rechargeable batteries like the 26650's. And the price is right at Orbtronics!

Lastly, the customer service and fast shipping I have received from Orbtronics is second to none! If you asked me for any recommendations on how to improve my buying experience ... I would not have an answer.
Reviewed by tybo22
tybo22 bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
orbtronic 3400
Just received my Batteries this morning and charged them up o my pila charger. Charged 4 of them in about 3.5 hours 2 at a time. Came off the charger at exactly 4.2 volts according to my multi meter. Battery fits my eagletac , pocket rocket, and fenix lights with no problems. Haven't done a runtime test yet but I will compare them to my redilasts and update my review. A side not my redilast come off the same charger at around 4.17 volts. So in that aspect the orbtronics are much better. I still have 4 uncharged orbtronics I am saving for my fenix tk75 that I have ordered. Hopefully the will fit in the tk75 carrier with no problems. So far I am very pleased with these cells. And will order more as needed. Customer service is on point and shipping was fast as well. Thanks Sal for all your help.
Reviewed by rapporozco
rapporozco bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Orbtronics 3400mah
Bought 4 of these batteries and they are ridiculously long lasting. These batteries fit my nitecore tm 15 perfectly. I been running the Nitecore tm15 on turbo for about 4 days now and the batteries are still going strong.
My previous batteries being Ultrafire kept tripping and shutting the light completely off.
Not these batteries... They work great. Something else about this buy was the experience. Fast shipping, good pricing, and customer satisfaction is number 1. No problems so far so I highly recommend this seller. I can honestly say I'm a customer for life. Thanks Orbtronic.
Reviewed by cochise333
cochise333 bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Initial satisfaction!
I just got some of the 18650 3400 mAh batteries. I am not advanced enough to have a voltage meter. and run all sorts of tests! I am sure I could learn,it is probably simple!

I do know that when I used Ultrafire 3600 mAh batteries[ more like 2100!] in my Jetbeam BC40, they only last about 55 minutes on high. Last night I put Two of the 3400 mAh Orbtronic in and it lasted Two hours and Fifteen minutes!!

Now, I know there are also other important features to consider besides run time, but that is important to me. I walk my Siberian about 90 minutes every night,,,,carry two lights with me.

Lot's of statistics, factors and variables to consider. Price, safety, durability and features.

This is NO doubt a much better and diversified battery than the Cheap Chinese batteries I was getting. However, the test in my mind will be determined when the life of battery ends and how many cycles I get along with the aforementioned information.

Bottom line,[so far] these Orbtronic are much better, However, they cost Four[4] times as much as these ultrafires I have.

The final"Verdict" will not be determined until more testing is done!

One thing that concerns me is that the Orbitrol 3400 mAh are about 1/8 of an inch longer which may present a problem for this new"FLASHAHOLIC"! I struggled to get them in my trustfire[takes three Batteries]

For first time use I rate these as "GREAT" Batteries! I just hope the "Protection features it has work!! Because when I tested Total run time last night, the light went completely Out after 135 minutes [2 hours and 15 minutes!]. I would think it just went into Sleep Mode,,,,I hope so!they are charging now!
Happy Holidays everyone and Thanks Sal for your promptness and efficiency!!
ciao,,,,Roberto Capo di Capo;

STAR RATING IS 4.5 ! I could not get that half a star,,,,,,,Down the road, I have a feeling it will change to 5 Stars!
Reviewed by Nicolas
Nicolas bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Orbtronic Protected 3400mAh 18650
I just bought four of these on recommendation of an expert over at Candle Power Forums. So far I am pleased with my purchase. the folks over at couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. I received them Saturday, having ordered them late Tuesday night, which is plenty fast for me. And they are some handsome-looking batteries, with some heft to them, let me tell you. they arrived all charged at exactly + 3.63 V, as I checked them with my DMM. I immediately started charging them with my brand new SysMax/Nitecore Intellicharger i4 V2, also purchased from Orbtronic (separate order). They all charged up to exactly + 4.20 V (all of them). The precision is amazing. Unfortunately I don't have anything at the moment to install them in, as the flashlight that I ordered for them, from another company, hasn't arrived. It's still being built to order for me. It will be the OSTS (One Stop Throw Shop) TN31mb. Once it's arrived, and I've had a chance to try it out, I will report back. I should also mention that the batteries arrived in a mailer inside of which were two clear plastic travel-cases, which I did not expect, two batteries per case. From the looks of them, I don't think I would trust them to remain closed in my carry-on case so I intend to reinforce the plastic cases with electrical tape to keep them shut while traveling. I hope this doesn't scare the TSA folks! Five stars.
Reviewed by amham
amham bought "18650 Protected 3400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Orbtronic - For High Performance Flashlights" on our website
Quality Products
I have purchased several Orbtronic/Panasonic 3100mA protected cells and have been quite pleased with the experience. I use them in several high output lights including a Nitecore TM-11, Jetbeam RRT-3 and several single cell EDC's including a Zebralight SC600 and all have performed very well indeed. Shipping has been fast and customer service has been top notch. I am purchasing more 3400mA cells given my experience. Highly recommended vendor!
Reviewed by joecatch
Great Batteries from a US Supplier
I have ordered batteries from those web sites in China and you never know what you are going to get. Alot of Chinese sites sell fake or counterfeit batteries whose safety and real capacities are unknown. Sure, they are cheap but you get what you pay for. Since these type of batteries can outgas dangerous gases or explore if not treated right, I always get protected batteries from a source I can trust like Orbtronic. Protected batteries are also very important for flashlights that use 2 or more in parallel or series. You don't want to fool around here with fake or no name batteries.

These batteries here are protected and I feel 100% safe with them; unlike the ones from China. I also believe their 3400 mah rating is the highest you can get for a 18650 battery.

Also, ordering batteries from China can take 3 -4 weeks easy. Orbtronic ships super fast and I got mine in 3 days because they are right here in the US. If you need to talk to someone, they speak English! 8-)

Orbtronic sells these Panasonic batteries, one of the best names in li-ion batteries. I have so far purchased 4 of these batteries for the Skyray King due any day now. I'll post the results when it comes in. But I have already been using 2 of these cells in a Skyray STL-V2, Trustfire J18 and others with no problems.

The two most recent cells came charged to 3.66 volts. I charge all new batteries to 4.2 before I use them. Again, for 2 or more batteries lights, this is very important.

I would recommend Orbtronics for any battery needs. They are not the cheapest but they ship super fast from a US warehouse and they sell real, not fake, batteries.

Only complaint I have is with the silver label on the batteries. I have a little bit of a problem reading the label because of glare.

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