16340 Battery Rechargeable Cells (RCR123 ) Protected Li-ion 3.7V & Li-ion 16340 Battery Charger KIT



Portable 16340 3.7V Li-ion battery charging kit (RCR123).

Xtar ultra compact Li-ion battery charger is able to charge RCR123 batteries (included) via : USB interface, Wall outlet power adapter. 

Very safe and accurate charging.

Easy to use.

Charger: Xtar MP2 Li-ion RCR123 battery charger

Batteries: Orbtronic Li-ion RCR123 (also called 16340) 3.7V PROTECTED rechargeable batteries

Type: 16340 (RCR123) | full size (more capacity) + protection 

Nominal voltage: 3.7V

Chemistry: Li-ion (lithium-ion)

Protected: Yes

Charging voltage: 4.2V

Protection: Overcharge, Overdischarge, Overcurrent, Short circuit protection

Usage: LED flashlight, laser pointer, any device using Protected RCR123 | also called 16340

Charge Fully before first use.

Box content:

1x Xtar MP2 Li-ion battery charger

1x Wall 110V/220V power adapter

1x USB cable

1x User manual

2x Protected Orbtronic RCR123 (16340) Li-ion 3.7V rechargeable batteries


We ship fast from Florida USA


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Reviewed by CelticCross74
CelticCross74 bought "16340 Battery Rechargeable Cells (RCR123 ) Protected Li-ion 3.7V & Li-ion 16340 Battery Charger KIT" on our website
Perfect RCR123's
I am loving my first set of Orbtronic RCR123's! My new Jetbeam 3mPro required them for full 1100 lumen output so having alredy had such good luck with Orbtronic 18650's I decided to give their RCR123's a try and boy am I glad I did! I love how Orbtronic basically hot rods the best made in Japan cells! I love the copper bottoms for better conductance very cool! They didnt take to long to charge either. If you need high quality RCR123's for your high powered light these are the best in the industry!

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