3600mAh 18650 Battery Protected Li-ion Orbtronic (Panasonic inside) 3.7V Rechargeable Cell - For High Performance Flashlights - Dual Protection - Battery Case Included

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  • 18650 3600mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Orbtronic 3600mAh 18650

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Introducing the highest capacity 3600mAh 18650 Li-ion 3.7V PROTECTED Orbtronic (Panasonic [Made in Japan] core cell inside) rechargeable battery.

Ultra high capacity.

 PROTECTED 3600mAh 18650 rechargeable battery Li-ion Orbtronic 3.7V (Panasonic inside).

  •  Resettable Protection: Over-current (Activated at 10A), Over-charge (Activated at 4.29V) - Over-discharge (Activated at 2.4V-2.5V) - El. short circuit protection. Protection electronic circuit designed by Seiko. ICs made in Japan.
  •  Best battery for High Power flashlight users, or for anyone who is looking for the longest run time.
  •  Orbtronic 18650 battery is very safe to operate. This 18650 Li-ion protected cell will automatically cut off current flow if any of the following occur: Short circuit (dead short) - Extreme temperature, Abnormally high current, Overvoltage, Overcharge, Over-discharge.
  •  Battery cell: Panasonic (Made in Japan), Capacity (Ah): 3.6 Ah (3600mAh), Charging Voltage (V): 4.2 V, Energy (Wh): 13 Wh, Nominal Voltage (V): 3.6V - 3.7V, Weight (g): 47 g, Diameter (mm): 18.6 mm (+/- 0.03), Length (mm): 68.9 mm (+/- 0.03) -- Button Top [Positive+] made of Nickel (Ni) - Negative terminal made of Copper (Cu) for superior conductivity, minimum resistance, and maximum durability.
  •  Button top.
  •  Protected.

Highly recommended Li-ion charger for Orbtronic 3600mAh Li-ion 18650 battery is:

for 2 batteries

for 4 batteries   

Battery Specifications: 

  •  Capacity (Ah): 3.6 Ah (3600mAh)
  •  Energy (Wh): 13 Wh
  •  Nominal Voltage (V): 3.6V - 3.7V
  •  Charging Voltage (V): 4.2 V
  •  Weight (g): 47 g
  •  Diameter (mm): 18.6 mm (+/- 0.03mm)
  •  Height (mm): 68.9 mm (+/- 0.03mm)
  •  Chemical Composition: Li-ion (Lithium-Ion)
  •  Protection ICs: Made in Japan (Design by Seiko)
  •  Bare Cell: Made by Panasonic, Made in Japan
  •  Button Top: Yes
  •  External Welded Electronic Protection: Yes (3x MOSFETs)


  • Overcharge (Activated at 4.35V)
  • Over-discharge (Activated at 2.4V-2.5V)
  • Overcurrent (Activated at 10A)
  • Overheating, and dual short circuit protection (External, and Internal).



  • Never use force to install (insert) Li-ion battery.
  • Use only high-quality Li-ion battery CC/CV chargers.
  • Do not expose to heat.
  • Do not charge battery over 4.3V (another reason to use good Li-ion battery charger).
  • Do not charge unattended.
  • Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged (for an extended period of time-one month and more).
  • After battery is discharged-don't leave it discharged>charge it as soon as possible.
  • Store in cold and dry place at approximately 3.6V-3.7V (storage charge).
  • Never try to charge Li-ion batteries with batt. chargers that are not made for Li-ion batteries.
  • Do not try to open, or modify this battery.

You must read & follow this basic Li-ion battery safety guide.

One of the best 18650 battery li-ion cells on the US market.

Important - Electronic cigarette (VAPING DEVICE) users: Protected 18650 battery cells are larger (in diameter, and length) and are not suitable for e-cig mods. These batteries are made for high power flashlights only.

All Batteries Are Sold Individually Unless Stated Otherwise. We sell only GRADE A cells (highest quality, and dependability by all manufacturing standards). 

What is in the box?

  • Orbtronic 18650 Protected Li-ion rechargeable 3.7V battery cell (Panasonic-Japan inside)
  • Protective battery case / holder (for two 18650 battery cells). 
  • Safe Li-ion packaging

Price listed is for One battery cell. 

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