LG 18650 E1 3200mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 4.35V

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LG 18650 E1 rechargeable cell is one of those batteries that can be charged up to 4.35V. Xtar VP2 is the right charger for this job.

Quick specs:

  • Energy: Nominal 12.0Wh
  • Voltage: Nominal 3.75V
  • Capacity: Typical 3200mAh
  • Maximum charge Voltage: 4.35V (it can be charged to 4.2V too)
  • Maximum charge current: 2.1A
  • Diameter:18.29 mm
  • Height: 65.05 mm
  • Manufacturer: LG Chem
  • Model: LG ICR18650E1
  • Positive terminal:Flat top
  • Protected: No

What is in the box?

LG chem 18650 E1 Li-ion rechargeable battery

Protective plastic case

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