IMR 18650 2900mAh Li-ion Battery PD2900 3.7V Button top - Case included

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IMR 18650 2900mAh Li-ion Battery PD2900 3.7V Button top - Case included

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NEW and improved 3500mAh 18650 High Drain battery is available.

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Orbtronic 18650 PD2900 model is now based on the newest NCR18650PF Panasonic battery cell.

High Drain 2900mAh NCR18650PF Hybrid IMR 18650 Li-ion High Current 10A battery cell - Button Top - Panasonic-Orbtronic.

Ideal battery cell for any device where high current AND long run time are the highest priority.



Battery type:   18650 High Drain Hybrid IMR 
Capacity:  2900mAh
Max Discharge (constant current):  10A
Max Discharge Pulse Current (5-6 sec.):  18A
Full charge:  4.2V
Charging method:  CV/CC
Minimum charging current:  0.6A
Rapid Charging current:   1.35A
Nominal (storage) voltage:  3.6V-3.7V
Minimum discharge voltage level:   2.5V
Dimensions:  18.5mm x 66.5mm
Weight:   46g
Button Top:  Yes
AC-IR  21 m?











  • Never completely discharge li-ion battery ( below 2.5V under load).
  • Charge fully (to 4.2V) before first use.
  • Never use force to install (insert) li-ion battery.
  • Use only high quality battery chargers.
  • Do not expose to heat.
  • Do not short (connect) positive, and negative contacts.
  • Never keep a spare battery in your pocket, or purse (always use plastic protective battery case)
  • Never charge battery over 4.29V (another reason to use good battery charger).
  • Do not charge unattended.
  • Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged (for extended period of time 1 month or longer).
  • Store in cold and dry place at approximately 3.6V - 3.7V  (storage charge).
  • Never try to charge (or discharge) li-ion batteries with battery chargers that are not made for Li-ion batteries. 



Please check your product manual to see if you need button top, or flat top battery cell.


What is in the box?

Panasonic High Drain 18650 NCR18650PF Li-ion battery cell by Orbtronic. Button top.

Protective battery storage holder.


Contact us if you have any question


Price listed is for one battery cell.

We ship very fast from Florida - USA.

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  • 5
    Best battery's on this planet!

    Posted by Chiihsien on Feb 19th 2017

    Don't let the 2900mAh fool you! These powerhouses run for a very long time in any high powered flashlight. Best of the best 18650 cell available. I have been using these battery's for 3 years now and they are still going strong. I've tried AW, Redilast, Ultrafire, KeepPower, & Fenix over the last 3 years and I'll tell you now the only battery I've listed that comes close to these Orbtronic cells is Fenix ARB's. But Orbtronic is still the absolute best battery on the market.....PERIOD!!!

  • 5
    Awesome for a newby mod e-cig user

    Posted by Daniel on Nov 23rd 2016

    I ordered this product for use on my VAMO V2. I ordered 2 of this cells with the XTAR WII 2 charger Friday afternoon LA time and got them Monday afternoon LA. Shipping became free because of March 10% promo and thought was great!. USPS must be the bomb shipping company nowadays because that was just way too fast. I asked Sal what he recommends for my VV and suggested I use these high drains. They are great, they feel safe, they charge complete to the desired voltage, and they drain to the limit set by VAMO. Although I am only on my first few cycles and been vaping constantly for a total of about 15 hours, surprisingly it's still going. I am a heavy vaper. I commend the fact that Sal replies promptly to information seeking emails even after hours. That's customer service!!! Thanks Sal, you made my setup perfect.

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